Kolkata to Guwahati Flight Booking Info:

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Flights from Kolkata to Guwahati Route Details


The flights from Kolkata to Guwahati run daily. You can find many direct as well as connecting flights running between these two cities. For a safe and secure journey, we have many domestic airlines operating between the two cities to make sure that you can travel on a budget. We have ensured that we provide all the flight statuses and flight schedules to our customers so that they can book their airline tickets accordingly. 


Airline details for CCU to GAU air route: The air route between Kolkata and Guwahati is easy to cover with a direct as well as a connecting flight at lower airfare. IndiGo, SpiceJet, Vistara, and Air India are some of India's major domestic airlines. These airlines provide low cost air travel to their passengers. You can book your flight ticket from these airlines to travel at a low cost. 


Distance between Kolkata and Guwahati: The land distance between Kolkata and Guwahati is 1020 km. However, you can travel this long distance within an air duration of 1.5 hours. The air distance between the two cities is almost 520 km. 


Flight ticket prices and Other Details: The airline's flight ticket depends on the add-on services you opt for on your air ticket. For instance, if you book your plane ticket at the last minute, then the cost of your flight ticket will be affected. 


Enjoy Exploring Guwahati:


Guwahati is one of the major educational and commercial hubs of Assam. You can find some of the legendary and historical Hindu temples in this city. Apart from the historical and architectural sites, this city also offers authentic cuisines. Some of the best authentic dishes of Guwahati are Khaar, Duck meat, Doi-Chira, Narikol Pitha, Pani Hamuk, Masor Tenga, and Aloo Pitika.


Places to Explore:


Chandubi Lake: This picturesque lake serves as one of Guwahati's major tourist spots. This significant lake was formed because of a major earthquake in Assam. Currently, the lake is offering many scenic sights and views to its visitors.


Guwahati Zoo: For the wildlife enthusiast, Guwahati Zoo is one of the best places. You can witness tigers, elephants, and rhinos. With a lush green park and vegetation, you can visit this zoo any time of the year. 


Assam State Museum: Get to know about the rich culture, tradition, lifestyle, and history of Assam. Exploring the museum within 2 to 3 hours, you can get to know many things about this beautiful state of India. 


Guwahati Airport:


The name of Guwahati airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. Use GUA as the airport code for a quick search for airline tickets for Guwahati airport. The airport serves all the airlines internationally. Not only can you find direct flights and connecting flights running in this airport, but the airport also serves as a major stopover airport for many other air routes. 


Places to Visit in Kolkata:


Fort William: Built in the late seventeenth century, Fort William has stored many historical narratives to tell. Visit this place once to know about the architectural designs being used and to know about the events of the past. 


Kalighat Kali Temple: One of the Shakti Peethas of India, Kalighat is one of the most visited places in Kolkata. The significance of this temple of the Shakti sect can be explained by the fact that this temple is visited by many devotees every month. 


Indian Museum: Get to know about the historical events of India through this Indian Museum. The museum is visited daily by many in Kolkata. 


Kolkata Airport:


The airport located in Kolkata is named Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. The airport is providing facilities to all the airlines internationally. The airport has major facilities of the best qualities. You can find ATMs, spacious lounges, and food courts with quality food. 

FAQs About KOLKATA to GUWAHATI Flights (CCU to GAU Flights):

Q. What are the name and codes for Kolkata Airport and Guwahati airports?


The name of Kolkata airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, its code is CCU, and the name of Guwahati Airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, and its code is GAU.

Q. Can I book my meal for a flight to Guwahati?

A. Yes, you can pre-book your meal through FlightsMojo for flight to Guwahati.

Q. Can I book budget hotels near Guwahati Airport through the Internet?

A. Yes, one can book budget hotels near Guwahati airport.

Q. What facilities are available at the Guwahati and Kolkata airports?

A. Better lounges, Food courts, ATMs, and faster baggage are available at both the Kolkata (CCU) and Guwahati (GAU) airports.

Q. What is the total distance between Kolkata and Guwahati?

A. Kolkata and Guwahati distance is 524 km by air and 1007 km by road.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Kolkata to Guwahati flights?

A. Each airline has different luggage guidelines for its passengers to follow. The carry-on luggage limit is 7-9 kg. The checked-in baggage limit is 15-30 kg. The baggage limit keeps on changing depending on the type of air ticket you book for your flights from Kolkata to Guwahati.

Q. Where Can I book cheap flights from Kolkata to Guwahati?

A. There are many airlines that provide cheaper plane tickets on their website. Moreover, you can find cheap plane ticket options on our easy-to-use website. You can book your air ticket from our website at any time of the day at the lowest and most affordable deal.

Q. Are there cheap first and business class flights to Guwahati available?

A. It is not easy to find cheap or budgetary first class or business class air tickets. However, with Flightsmojo, you can book business class Guwahati Flights at reasonable prices. You can contact us anytime to make sure that you get the most suitable flight ticket.

Q. Can I get the best offers and discounts on Last Minute Guwahati flight tickets?

A. You can easily get low cost last minute Kolkata to Guwahati flights. All you need to do is search for the name of your city on our website. We ensure that we provide you with a wide range of airplane tickets. You can select the most affordable air ticket for you with the best deals and discounts.

Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Kolkata to Guwahati flight?

A. All you need to do is visit the airline's website. After this, you need to visit the online web check-in page. Here, you will be required to provide all the important information like passengers' names, PNR numbers, ID cards, and other details.

Q. How far in advance should I book a flight from Kolkata to Guwahati?

A. Advanced booking helps in booking cheap airline ticket deals. The best time to book your flight tickets is four to five weeks before the set departure time. You can even get a cheap return ticket for your GAU to CCU flight.

Q. What are the stopover options between Kolkata and Guwahati?

A. There are several direct flights running between Kolkata and Guwahati. However, if you are booking airline tickets from Kolkata to Guwahati to connect flights, you can find one or two stopovers. One is Imphal, and the other is Agartala.

Q. Do I need a passport or visa to fly from Kolkata to Guwahati?

A. For domestic air travel like one from Kolkata to Guwahati, you don't need to carry a visa and passport. However, you must bring a government-issued ID.

Q. How many flights depart from Kolkata to Guwahati on average per day?

A. At least ten flights daily provide direct and stopover flight connectivity between both cities.

Q. Can I find flights from Kolkata to Guwahati for under INR 5000 on Flightsmojo?

A. It is easy to book flight tickets to Guwahati under INR 5000. You can either book your air ticket in advance. You can also use reward points to get low-cost airplane tickets.

Airport information

KOLKATA Airport information

Airport : Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Intl


Address : Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052

GUWAHATI Airport information

Airport : Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Intl Arpt


Address : Borjhar, Guwahati, Assam 781015