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    Why Fly with Flybig:


    Flybig, a startup airline with regional flying services, has made its name among the major airlines in a short period and has become one of the fastest-emerging affordable airline services in India. This air carrier connects smaller regions with the bigger regions in the country. Yes, India still has states and cities with no access to flying services and has to shift to longer, time-consuming travel methods. Flybig works towards such regions and helps them connect with better travel options to save time and money with affordable airline services. With the help of the UDAN initiative, Flybig has started its services in all the places in India where mainstream airlines cannot serve due to several variables. The airline and its partners work to provide the best possible flight services to all people wishing to reach their destination via plane ride in less time and less money. Everyone can find cheap flight tickets, better seats, and comfortable in-flight amenities. Flybig works with the Big Charter, based in Gurugram, to offer new possibilities in the aviation industry in order to make passenger and their travel as convenient as possible.


    Size of Flybig fleet:


    As of 2023, Flybig operates with a size of three fleets of ATR 72-500. The airline has ordered another fleet to add to its operations, 10 DHC-6-400 Twin Otter, to provide more accessible services to more travelers in the country. With a small fleet size, the carrier is currently limited to a few regions, but soon, it will expand and provide services all over India.


    Flybig Flights and Connectivity:


    With a small fleet size of 3, Flybig Airlines operates in a few major regions along with several smaller areas in India. With reasonable ticket fares, Flybig has gotten its name under the low cost airline with quality customer service in less than two years of establishment. Flybig has its headquarters in Gurugram, with its hub airport set at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati. Travelers can easily find and reserve low cost flights to Guwahati, Kolkata, Patna, Agartala, Imphal, Assam, and Dibrugarh. Considering it’s a low cost carrier, Flybig only operates economy class flights to all the destinations.

    Popular Flybig Airlines Domestic Flight Routes:



    Book Flybig air tickets to your chosen destination from their itinerary and avail yourself of better offers and more discounted rates to reduce overall air travel expenses. Keep in mind the airline only works with Economy class flights to a limited domestic destination flight service. 


    Flybig Airlines Baggage Allowance Information:


    Whenever flying with Flybig, be assured that you will get sufficient baggage allowance for your travel requirements. Your baggage limit can be shown on your tickets or during the Flybig flight booking process. It stays the same because the airline only has one cabin class flight.


    Cabin Baggage Limit for Economy Class Flights:


    Similar to other domestic airlines, Flybig also provides 7 kg for a cabin or hand luggage to bring to their seats on a flight with a dimension of 55 cm X 35 cm X 25 cm. Passengers need to make sure the baggage dimension is within the limit, or they will not be allowed to carry it on board.


    Check In Baggage Limit Economy Class Flights:


    For check in luggage, 15 kg per passenger is allowed with a 158 cm dimension. Anything over the mentioned limit will be charged extra. You can carry a stroller in case of an infant traveler without any additional charges.


    Online Check In with Flybig Airlines:


    With innovation and easy access to the Flybig Airline website, you can obtain your boarding pass faster through their Web Check In option. It is a very simple process. Once you go to the website, go to the Web Check In tab, and click to enter your PNR number and last name to get to the next step. Now, you will be shown a seat map, check for a suitable seat for your journey, check for a flight meal, and then complete the online check in process. Now, you will be presented a detailed summary of the online check in process, which will be sent to your registered email address. Keep a printout of this to show at the airport.

    Documents Required for Airport Check-In or Identification at the Airport:



    It is necessary to carry valid ID proof to enter the airport and flight. Any failure to provide proper documentation will result in an unauthorized passenger, and the passenger will end up missing the flight.

    FAQs About Flights From FLYBIG

    Q. Can I modify my Flybig Airlines flight bookings?

    A. Any passenger looking to make changes to their current tickets booked with Flybig Airlines can change or cancel their tickets at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Please note that such change or cancellation will result in a small charge you must pay at the time of process.

    Q. Is there a loyalty program offered by Flybig Airlines?

    A. As of now, Flybig has not offered any frequent flyer benefits to its regular customers. Please keep your notifications on to get any latest news regarding new offers and deals to make your travel more comfortable with the airline.

    Q. Is it possible to pick a seat online with Flybig Airlines?

    A. Yes, customers can choose a seat per their requirements and available seats during the web check in process. Passengers can also ask for an upgrade during airport check in if they deem fit.

    Q. Is it possible to get a refund from Flybig Airlines after a cancellation?

    A. To get a refund on your canceled Flybig airline tickets, please contact their customer support or your travel agents. Please be informed regarding your ticket category before canceling whether your ticket is refundable. Otherwise, you will not get a refund if it is under the non-refundable category.

    Q. Are meals served on Flybig Airlines flights?

    A. Meals will only be served on the flight if you have pre-booked your meal when you bought the Flybig flight tickets, inclusive of meals and other in-flight amenities. Travelers get both Veg and NonVeg meal options as per their taste.

    Q. What services do Flybig Airlines flights offer on board?

    A. Flybig Airlines offers complimentary meals, drinks, and entertainment. Their cabin crew is highly trained and ready to assist you in case of any emergencies. Some planes even have Wi-Fi and extra legroom seating for added comfort.

    Q. Can I check in online with Flybig Airlines?

    A. All airlines, including Flybing, have an option for Web Check In to make your ticket booking and after-services more accessible to every customer.

    Q. What is the baggage limit with Flybig flight tickets?

    A. Flybig allows 7 kg of cabin baggage with dimensions up to 55 cm X 35 cm X 25 cm. Oversized baggage is not permitted on board. Passengers can check in up to 15 kg of luggage with a 158 cm dimension limit. Extra fees apply for baggage exceeding these limits.

    Q. Which route is the cheapest to travel with FlyBig?

    A. The cheapest Flybig airline route is Imphal to Guwahati, with the lowest fare on the airline.