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    Why Fly with Air India Express Airline:


    Air India Express is an airline operated by Air India, offering flights to domestic and international destinations. It follows domestic airports such as Mumbai and also serves international destinations in Southeast Asia. The Indian expatriate community is the main target of Air India Express as it flies from various major Indian cities to popular international airport hubs such as Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. Also providing flights from its primary hub at Kochi International Airport, Air India Express offers its passengers low cost yet comfortable flights with outstanding service to the South East Asian countries catering to the needs of Indian expatriates living abroad. Air India Express is a major airline group under the umbrella of Air India, a low cost carrier with its own ground handling company. This helps Air India Express to provide cost effective flights for budget travelers without compromising on quality and safety standards.


    Size of Air India Express Airlines fleet:


    With its fleet of 23 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Air India Express has been able to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of comfort and convenience while traveling by air. Air India Express has become the most preferred choice for many travelers as it offers value-for-money services at competitive fares. Cost-conscious customers have made this airline one of the leading low cost carriers in the Asia Pacific region, with an extensive network and excellent customer service.


    Air India Express Flights and Connectivity:


    Air India Express is an express airline, a subsidiary of Air India, which offers a number of flight bookings to various destinations within Southeast Asia. The airline flies to over 20 destinations in South East Asia and over 6 million passengers per year. It operates around 500 flights every month, providing low cost flights for passengers from various parts of the world. The airline offers excellent customer service and provides efficient services for both domestic and international customers alike. Passengers can easily book their tickets online and avail special discounts on certain days.


    Popular Air India Express Domestic Flight Routes:

    Buy Air India Express plane tickets online and get your selected seats for a nicer and more enjoyable flight.


    Popular Air India Express International Flight Routes:

    Air India Express is a low-cost carrier and the domestic arm of Air India that offers flights to various destinations across the world. Buy Air India Express flight tickets at the lowest fare available on Flightsmojo.


    Air India Express Baggage Allowance Information:


    According to Air India Express baggage allowance policy, passengers are permitted to take baggage to a specific weight limit, including infant luggage. The baggage limit also depends on the destination the passengers have chosen. For example, Middle Eastern countries have a limit of 20/30/40 kg per passenger, as per their cabin class. For Singapore, the limit is 20 kg and 30 kg. The dimensions of check-in baggage shouldn't exceed 62 inches; for carry-on luggage, the size is 115 cm.


    How to Check In Online with Air India Express Airlines:


    The web check-in option is the simplest and easiest way to check in for your flight. For the sake of everyone's safety, the government has also made it essential to shorten lineups at the airport. The check-in period will open 48 hours prior to the planned departure and end 60 minutes before that time. The procedures below should be followed for quicker check-in. Choose the Web Check-In option on the Air India Express Airlines website. If you haven't previously, choose Baggage Allowance and Meal Option after entering the PNR or booking reference number. Choose your seat at this time, then save and download your boarding pass.


    Documents Required for Airport Check-In or Identification at the Airport:

    Carry your valid identification document as given in the above list, or else you will have to miss your flight.

    FAQs About Flights From AIR INDIA EXPRESS

    Q. Can I modify my Air India Express flight bookings?

    A. Air India Express has a change in flight policy. To make changes to your current flight, go to the My Bookings section on the Air India Express web page and click on my flight, make changes, whatever you want to change, time, date, seat, or meals, then hit save.

    Q. Is there a loyalty program offered by Air India Express?

    A. Under Air India Express's frequent flyer program, Flying Returns, regular passengers can accumulate miles points and redeem them to receive various airline benefits.

    Q. Is it possible to pick a seat online with Air India Express?

    A. All passengers, despite their flight class ticket, can pick their own seat during the web check in process. However, to select a seat, Air India Express can charge you a small sum as a convenience charge.

    Q. Is it possible to get a refund from Air India Express after a cancellation?

    A. Identifying if your bought tickets are refundable is the first step in the cancellation process with Air India Express. After verifying your Air India Express flight status with Flightsmojo or Air India Express Airline, you can cancel your airline tickets. Please be aware that this service can have a small cancellation cost; make sure to ask before rescheduling your flights.

    Q. Are meals served on Air India Express flights?

    A. While purchasing cheap Air India Express airline tickets online, passengers may book in advance for their destination's meals. When you become a member of the Air India Express loyalty program, Flying Returns, you can be entitled to a free meal on the flight.

    Q. What services do Air India Express flights offer on board?

    A. Several services are provided on Air India Express depending on the cabin class. Every cabin class, both First and Economy, has its own set of advantages. The airline would feature reclining seats, expensive beverages, gourmet meals, and private lounges as part of its first-class service. In contrast, economy planes will have standard seats and average food.