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    Here are some popular International destinations with cheap flight tickets available;


    The top most popular international destination is Thailand. Krabi is one place in Thailand where you can enjoy the most natural picturesque view. Every part of Krabi screams natural and beautiful. It is also the top most cheapest place to be in Thailand. You can enjoy many nature adventure activities, such as; scuba diving, exploring caves and Railay beaches, have a fun time at Thung Teao Forest National Park, visit the Wat Tham Sua temple, Speedboat tour, Kayaking in Krabi, Sunset Tour, Enjoy a fun Elephant ride at the Krabi Elephant camp. Many more exciting activities you can do in Krabi, Thailand.

    Bali, Indonesia:

    Bali is another beautiful and popular international destination chosen by travelers for their budgeted travel plans. It might even be cheaper than a trip to Thailand. An affordable tourist destination doesn't lessen the country's beauty. The rice plantation in Bali makes the city look photoshopped. Bali has become the tourist favorite holiday destination, full of natural wonders and beautiful serene temples. Bali offers many adventures and fun activities; Trekking at Mount Batur, breathtaking Bali Swing in Kabupaten Badung, picturesque Tegenungan Waterfalls, incredible Tanah Lot Temple, Enjoy Bali Safari and Marine Park, Adventurous surfing at Kuta, exploring the enchanting Tegallalang Rice terraces, visit the calm and beautiful Uluwatu Temple. Not just these, Bali has many more places to offer at a low price. Book a cheap flight to Bali as soon as possible and experience Indonesia's natural wonders.


    A beautiful Asian country, Vietnam is quite famous among travelers and the most preferred popular international destination. The country might be small, but it sure holds a lot of history and beauty to it. Nature lovers or adventure lovers, Vietnam won't disappoint you one bit. The country is covered in beautiful mountains and oceans, enough to leave you spellbound. Here are some places that you would love to visit in Vietnam; Stunning Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, historical city Hue, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a World Heritage site of Vietnam, an ancient temple ruins, My Son, visit the architectural beauty of Vietnam Hoi An, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Cu Chi Tunnels, Ba Be National Park, Cat Ba Island, Ha Giang Mountains. Buy a low price flight ticket now and explore enchanting Vietnam.


    Cambodia, one of the cheapest countries to travel to in the world, offers affordable accommodation, food, and travel and can be on your popular international destination list. Cambodia has made its way into all the travelers' lists due to its being an affordable and tourist-friendly country. Not just the backpackers, Cambodia has become one of the top family vacation spots in the world, that too without putting a dent in your bank accounts. You would love to visit places in Cambodia; Angkor Wat Temple, Koh Rong Samloem Beach, Kratie, a Mekong turtle conservation center with a mesmerizing sea view, the beautiful coastal city of Sihanoukville, Kep National Park, Preah Vihear Temple. You wouldn't wanna miss the opportunity to miss this beautiful country. Book a cheap flight ticket to Cambodia now on Flightsmojo.in .

    There are plenty of cheap popular international destinations that you sure would love to visit at affordable prices. Explore the world with pocket-friendly destinations and learn about the world and many different cultures.

    Top International Destinations FAQs

    1. Can I get cheap flight tickets to international destinations?

    Ans: Yes, you can definitely get cheap flight tickets to any international destination. You should do some research and follow some tips & tricks to avail low fare airline tickets to your desired international destination.

    2. Which countries allow travel without a visa?

    Ans: There are about 24 countries around the world that allow passengers with Indian passports visa-free travel. Some of them are;

    3. Which Countries Can I Travel to under Rs. 50,000?

    Ans: Many countries, especially Asian countries, where travelers can travel lavishly under Rs. 50,000 and give your money’s worth:

    4. Are there direct flights available for top international destinations?

    Ans: Several airlines provide low cost direct flights to top international destinations. Here are some of the popular international destinations you can take a direct flight to:

    5. Are there offers & discounts available for top international destinations?

    Ans: Travelers can avail various offers and discounts on their selected international destination flights. Usually, travelers are provided with promotional fares and attractive deals on their flight bookings. They can contact the airlines or Flightsmojo to know about available cheap flights and if they can get additional discounts.

    6. How Can I apply for a visa?

    Ans: Applying for a visa to any country has become relatively easy with online facilities provided by the government. Although, the visa process depends on the particular country because all countries have their standard visa application process. Visit indianvisaonline.gov.in to apply for a visa to any country, submit related documents and get an appointment.

    7. What documents are required to travel to top international destinations?

    Ans: Following are essential documents travelers must carry with them when traveling to international destinations: