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    Why Fly with Air India Airline:


    Air India Airlines is the oldest and first air carrier in India and belongs to the Tata Group. Air India Airlines has its headquarters in New Delhi and is known as India's national carrier. With a vast number of fleets, Air India is among the largest Indian airlines. Air India serves more than 100 domestic destinations, and for international destinations, the number goes above 50. One of the most comfortable and innovative aircraft in India provides its passengers with the best onboard services. Air India flights have three cabin class flights available for passengers.

    Air India handles a large range of direct flights to domestic as well as international destinations at cheap flight rates. Passengers can book whichever cabin class fits their budget and schedule. Passengers can find the cheapest Air India Flight tickets to their chosen destination with the best passenger services available.


    Size of Air India's fleet:


    Air India has more than 100 airplanes consisting, including Airbus and Boeing. It was founded in 1932 and has become India's flag carrier with Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, Boeing 747, 777, 737, 787, and a few more. Air India Airlines fleets are furnished with all the major innovative facilities to provide passengers with better and safe air travel. 


    Air India Flights and Connectivity:


    With a fleet size of over 100 aircraft, Air India provides direct and indirect flights to not just domestic destinations but to international flights are also available at affordable costs. Air India tickets are among the cheapest flight fares available for travelers in India.


    Popular Air India Flight Domestic Routes:

    If you are booking your Air India flight tickets, then you can also choose your seats and class cabin online easily without additional charges for a limited period. You can also find cheap Air India flight bookings for international flight destinations.


    Popular Air India Flight International Routes:

    Air India operates on various flight routes from Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Passengers can also expect complimentary services on their Air India air travel.


    Air India Baggage Allowance Information:


    All passengers get free baggage up to a specific limit. Air India check-in baggage allowance ranges from 20 kg to 40 kg for different cabin classes.

    For Air India's carry-on baggage allowance, the limit doesn't exceed 8 kg per passenger for both domestic and international flights. Air India Baggage allowance has mentioned luggage dimensions, according to which the luggage must not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm in length, width, and height. 


    How to Check In Online with Air India:


    Air India's web check-in service is very easy and smooth. Passengers are advised to do their web check-in before arriving at the airport to avoid any trouble boarding the plane. Air India web check in is available 48 before your scheduled flight and will close 2 hours from the scheduled flight time. Passengers are advised to web check in on the website. Go to the Air India website under the My Trip tab. You will find the Web Check-In option. After entering your ticket number and personal details, you will be able to download your boarding pass.


    Documents Required for Airport Check In or Identification at the Airport:

    If any passenger fails to provide any of the mentioned identification documents, they won't be able to enter the airport, and you run the danger of missing their flight. Make sure to carry your legitimate identification documents.

    FAQs About Flights From AIR INDIA

    Q. Can I modify my Air India flight bookings?

    A. Air India provides an option for making changes to your booked flights. Visit the Air India website, go to the My Bookings section, click on it and check your flight details and make desired changes to it and save.

    Q. Is there a loyalty program offered by Air India?

    A. Air India has a reward system for its loyal customers. It is called Flying Returns. Under this frequent flyer program allows regular Air India customers to earn FR points or other partnered airline ticket bookings. These points can be claimed for discounted Air India flight ticket booking to reduce your flight costs.

    Q. Is it possible to pick a seat online with Air India?

    A. Yes, You can select your Air India flight seats, and the airline will charge you a small nominal fee for the same.

    Q. Is it possible to get a refund from Air India after a cancellation?

    A. Air India's Cancellation policy helps you provide a refund within 20 days of canceling your flight tickets. Before asking for a refund, make sure to check if you have a refundable flight ticket.

    Q. Are meals served on Air India flights?

    A. Yes, passengers can book their onboard meal when booking their cheap Air India flight tickets online. You can also get complimentary food on your flight.

    Q. What services do Air India flights offer on board?

    A. On-board services depend on Air India flight cabin class. Economy, Executive, and First Class all three have different benefits. Economy class flights will have standard facilities, from average seats to standard quality meals. Executives will have a slightly better version of Economy services, like extra legroom and complimentary food. The first class flight will have luxurious on-board services, reclining seats, expensive drinks, delicious food, and also luxury lounges too.