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Flights from Nagpur to Goa Route Details


Grab the cheapest airline fares for all flights to and from Goa for all routes on our website. Flying from Nagpur to Goa is like basically going on a cool adventure. Airlines like Vistara, Akasa Air, IndiGo, and SpiceJet have flights on this route. They take you from the busy city of Nagpur to the sunny beaches of Goa. You can choose the airline that you like and check the schedules to plan your trip from the first flight of the day to the last flight. It's a fun way to travel and explore different places!


Airline details for NAG to GOI air route: Traveling from NAG to GOI Airport offers you several airline choices to make your journey comfortable. Airlines like Air India and SpiceJet operate on this route, providing suitable options for your air travel. Check with the respective airlines for the latest information on schedules, ticket prices, and any additional services they may offer on the Nagpur to Goa air route.


Distance between Nagpur to Goa: The flight distance from Nagpur to Goa is about 840 kilometers. This is an air distance, while the road distance is much longer. It's a relatively short trip by air and with a nonstop flight to Goa from Nagpur.


Flight ticket prices and other details: Flight ticket prices for Nagpur to Goa vary based on factors like the airline, booking schedule, Goa flight status, and class. Low cost airlines like SpiceJet offer options from budget to premium fares. Check for the best deals and book in advance for additional discounts.


Enjoy Exploring Goa:


Goa is like a real-life fairy tale by the sea! Imagine yourself by the beautiful beaches with swaying palm palms and crystal clear blue waters. A perfect escape from the mundane city life. But hold on, there's more! The Portuguese lived in Goa for a long time. These Portuguese residents left behind their incredibly impressive historical buildings. Some of these buildings are now known as the Bom Jesus Church and Fort Aguada. You can smell the past and present mix in the air with a hint of a fun future. Goa is known for delicious food, dazzling festivals, and amazing art. When you visit Goa, you can witness a beautiful fusion of Indian and Portuguese influences. It's an ideal place for exploring and learning about history.


For added adventure, here are a few more Goa gems for you to enjoy:


Places to Visit in Goa:


Arambol Beach: Arambol Beach is like a quiet and peaceful beach in Goa. It's not as crowded so that you can enjoy the beach calmly and relaxedly. It's a great spot if you want a more serene experience by the sea.


Cruise on the Mandovi River: Cruising on the Mandovi River is like taking a fun boat ride in Goa. You get to enjoy music and entertainment while floating on the river. It's a cool way to relax, have fun, and enjoy the scenic views around you.


Dona Paula: Dona Paula is a nice place by the sea in Goa where you can chill out. You can sit, chill, and enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline. It's a peaceful spot to unwind and take in the sights of the ocean.


Goa Airport:


Popularly known as Dabolim Airport, it's the main airport in Goa. Situated close to the coast, it welcomes travelers with a tropical vibe and better facilities. Another airport Serving The city is Manohar International Airport (GOX). Both are key hubs connecting the city to the rest of the country and the world. Despite its modest size, the airport ensures a convenient experience with essential amenities for travelers.


Visit Nagpur:


Nagpur is often called the "Orange City" in India. In the heart of the country, Nagpur is pretty special for its picturesque landscapes. Here, you can see vast orange orchards stretching as far as the eye can see. But Nagpur isn't just known for its citrus fruits. It also has a historical legacy. Nagour was the central hub during the Maratha Empire under the rule of the Bhonsle dynasty. They played a vital role in India's battle for independence.


Some of the key historical sites that you can visit:

FAQs About NAGPUR to GOA Flights (NAG to GOI Flights):

Q. Can I book flights from Nagpur to Goa for under INR 5500 on Flightsmojo?


It is now easier to book one way flight tickets from Nagpur to Goa. You can get the desired airline price as per your budget and travel requirements on our website.

Q. Are there nonstop flights from Nagpur to Goa?

A. Check all the available airlines for Direct Nagpur to Goa flights. It's better to use a fare compare platform for better options.

Q. Are there last minute flights available from Nagpur to Goa for under INR 12000?

A. Yes, of course, our experts can easily find you affordable last minute travel arrangements. Call our agents to book last minute flights from Nagpur to Goa, and they'll fix you a great deal.

Q. What are the cheapest flights from Nagpur to Goa?

A. The minimum fare for a NAG to GOX flight is about INR 5500 for economy class tickets. Fare fluctuations are real, so make bookings in advance.

Q. What does NAG to GOI mean?

A. NAG is a Nagpur Airport code. Its name is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. GOI is the Goa Airport code. Its name is Goa International Airport, with the new Manohar International Airport (GOX).

Q. What is the baggage limit for Nagpur to Goa flights?

A. It's better if you check the airline baggage policy before paying for your plane tickets. Usually, the costs are included in the ticket prices. If you are carrying over 15 kg (for economy or 35 kg (for business or first class), then you have to pay for additional weight.

Q. How can I confirm Web check in online for the Nagpur to Goa flight?

A. Download the concerned airline app and complete the web check in on the app. It's easier than other methods, as you can do it as you go to the airport. All you need is your PNR for this.

Q. What are the low cost domestic airlines on the Nagpur Goa route?

A. Nagpur to Goa airline tickets are always available with Air India, Flybig, SpiceJet, Vistara, and IndiGo Airlines.

Q. How long is the flight from Nagpur to Goa?

A. Take a direct Nagpur Goa flight to reach faster. A nonstop airline service can cover the 833 km distance in less than 1.5 hours.

Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights to Goa available?

A. The only way to buy low cost First class Goa flights is with discount coupons and airline offers. Or, simply request an upgrade. If available, they'll let you fly first class.

Q. How far in advance can I book a flight from Nagpur to Goa?

A. You can often book flights about 35 to 95 days early, but different airlines have different rules on advance booking fares. Normally, airlines show their schedules and let you book Nagpur to Goa flights around 3 to 6 months before you travel.

Q. What are the stopover options between Nagpur and Goa?

A. Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad can be your layover stop for flights to and from Nagpur. All indirect flights with one or more layovers have different time limits. Please check with your agent when securing airline tickets from Nagpur to Goa.

Q. Do I need a passport or visa to fly from Nagpur to Goa?

A. You don't have to worry about a passport or visa when flying from Nagpur to Goa. For domestic flights within India, you can simply use government IDs. Passports and visas are needed only for international flights or non-residents.

Q. How many flights fly from Nagpur to Goa on average per day?

A. The number of flights from Nagpur to Goa can change each day. Some days, there might be a few flights and other days, there could be more. It's a good idea to check with the airlines or look online for the most accurate and updated info about how many flights are available each day.

Q. What is the total distance between Nagpur and Goa?

A. The distance between Nagpur and Goa is 840 km by air and 1225 km by road.

Airport information

NAGPUR Airport information

Airport : Dr Ambedkar Intl Arpt


Address : Sonegaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440005

GOA Airport information

Airport : Dabolim Arpt


Address : Dabolim, Goa 403801