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    Goa to Mumbai Flight Booking Info:

    Get all the latest details about Goa to Mumbai Flight tickets: Flight schedules, airlines, seat availability, ticket prices, the best time to visit, deals & discounts, meals, direct flights, indirect or connecting flights, duration, routes, number of flights, etc. Flightsmojo brings accurate and reliable information to help you with all your flight booking queries. Also, if you are looking to book cheap One way flight tickets price from Mumbai to Goa flights, we also give great return flight offers. When you make an airline reservation with us, you will get extra benefits on all your Goa to Mumbai round trip flights. We do not compromise on the quality of services and are dedicated to offering the best possible flight ticket booking services to all our customers. We have a customer friendly 24*7 booking service, lock in your chosen Goa to Mumbai flight ticket price soon online with us.


    Flights from Goa to Mumbai Route Details


    Get that Goa to Mumbai flight plan on board now and buy the cheapest Mumbai flight ticket on Flightsmojo. Mumbai is a metro city with a huge tourist traffic from Goa on a daily basis, which can be seen in its number of flights to and from Goa every day. Check available domestic airlines operating with lowest airfare and services: SpiceJet, Air India, Vistara, Akasa Air, Alliance Air, and IndiGo. You can get business class flights to Mumbai from Goa with big names like Air India and Vistara Airlines. There are enough flights to and from Mumbai available to accommodate the day to day passenger commuting for business or emergencies. Search for yours and make your flights to Goa accordingly.


    Airline details for Goa to Mumbai flight route: Book cheap Goa to Mumbai flight tickets from the following low cost domestic airlines: SpiceJet, IndiGo, Vistara, Air India Express, Akasa Air, and Air India. There are multiple services, from connecting flights to nonstop flights to multi-city flight services. As it is among the popular routes, there are many Goa to Mumbai flights with different schedules available on our page. The first flight leaves around 6 in the morning, and these morning flights to Mumbai cost cheaper in comparison to other schedules. Layover Goa to Mumbai flights are also pretty convenient for budget travelers, so keep all the options in the picture before confirming Goa to Mumbai airfares.


    Distance between Goa to Mumbai: Mumbai is around 440 km from Goa Airport and is the fastest accessible with a direct flight. You can reach the destination in about 1.5 hours. With stopover flights, the same distance is covered in 4 to 10 hours. Compare and book low Goa to Mumbai flight price accordingly. There is a short distance on this route, so direct Goa to Mumbai flights would be a better and more convenient choice. If all the nonstop routes are full or are not affordable as per your budget, buy connecting flights from Goa to Mumbai and get more travel flexibility. Make sure to check the layover stop and time, whether it is within your timeframe or not, as layover flights can take a minimum of 5 hours and go up to 22 hours. In emergencies, people usually take direct flights to Mumbai. 


    Flight ticket prices and Other Details: Check Goa to Mumbai flight status online with the airline or on our website easily. Also, there are different airline fare types for different schedules, times, and routes. You can check which one is the most suitable and convenient for your air travel. For cheapest Goa to Mumbai flight prices, search on budget airlines and booking services. At the moment, the cheapest ticket rate is 2500 INR. But, it can fluctuate based on varied factors. The price will go up from 5000 INR to 7000 INR as per the Mumbai flight schedule and the airline in service. Also, the ticket fares change with the number of services you opt for on your ticket. So, if you are only taking the standard services and not including anything over the free services, then it is possible to travel as cheaply as possible. Make sure to check and compare all the airfares to book Goa to Mumbai flight tickets with various schedules, fares, and facilities to make the air journey more affordable.


    About Mumbai:


    Mumbai, the city of dreams, is the financial capital of India. One of the largest cities in the country, Mumbai has the biggest foreign trade port in India. The city is a mix of various cultures but is highly influenced by Maharashtrian culture since it’s a Maharashtrian capital. Did you know Mumbai is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Elephanta Caves, and Victorian & Art Deco buildings. Tourists enjoy the lovely site of Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Churchgate, Jehangir Art Gallery, Flora Fountain, Siddhivinayak Temple, Taraporewala Aquarium, Girgaon Chowpatty, Haji Ali Dargah, Castella de Aguada aka Bandra Fort, Mount Mary Church, Vasai Fort, Kanheri caves, and many more. Mumbai city never sleeps. It works non-stop. People come to this dream city with high hopes and passion for working on their dreams, and Mumbai sure reciprocates your feelings. It’s a blend of different cultures and traditions.


    Explore and learn more about the city and its people. Mumbai and Goa are similar in some ways. This is quite preferred when it comes to partying and entertainment, and both are located near a beautiful ocean. Who doesn’t like the sea? Everyone does. The magical sound of the crashing waves, the sunset & the sandy beaches make the experience a whole lot more amazing. Mumbai has it all in one place.


    Popular Mumbai Places to Visit:


    Gateway of India: The historical Gateway of India is a must-see landmark in Mumbai, India. It was built during British rule and holds deep historical significance as a symbol of India's past struggles and eventual independence. Visitors love to come here to marvel at its impressive architecture and often take boat rides nearby to experience the beauty of the Arabian Sea.

    Elephanta Caves: Elephanta Caves, found on Elephanta Island just a quick ferry trip from Mumbai, are super old caves that were carved out of rock between the 5th and 8th centuries. They're a big deal because they're a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside, you'll find awesome sculptures and carvings, especially ones honoring Lord Shiva. History buffs and art lovers totally dig checking them out.

    Juhu Beach: Juhu Beach is like the ultimate hangout spot in Mumbai. It's pretty famous for its awesome vibe, packed with yummy food stalls, fun games, and breathtaking sunsets. Locals and tourists love chilling here, munching on tasty street treats like bhel puri and pav bhaji, and taking relaxing strolls on the sandy shore.


    Mumbai Airport:


    Mumbai has one major operating airport and it is called Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. BOM Airport is only about 7 km, which is easily accessible through any means of public transport. It is an international airport with domestic flight terminals. With great management services, the airports efficiently manage the considerable passenger traffic with ease. Mumbai Airport has two main sections: Terminal 1 for domestic flights and T2 for international flights. T2 shows the modern side of the airport, showing off Mumbai's culture through its design. Inside the Mumbai Airport, you will find multiple facilities to make your travel as convenient as possible. There are shops where you can buy tax free products from international brands, restaurants serving all kinds of food, comfy lounges to rest in, and easy ways to get to the city center. The airport has good passenger friendly facilities and is always making sure passengers are happy, so traveling through Mumbai Airport is smooth sailing for millions of people every year. If all the Mumbai flight tickets are booked for the same day you are traveling, you can find a nearby airport, like flights to Pune or Nagpur, and then take a train or bus to save time for the same day travel.


    About Goa:


    Goa, the beautiful tiny island in India, is highly popular among the crowd. Everyone wants to go to the city of wonderful beaches. Goa might seem small on the map, but it sure holds a lot inside. Sure, it has beaches, and everyone is aware of this, but what more does Goa have? Well, for that, one must visit Goa themselves because words can’t describe the vibe and scenery it offers to its visitors. The city has its fair share of historical monuments and places, not just beaches. Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Reis Magos Fort, Mormugao Fort, St. Francis of Assisi, Rosary Church, etc. Goa is quite fun during its carnival festivals in February. This festival goes on four fun days and attracts many tourists. Goa is nothing short of a party destination with its buzzing festive vibes 24*7. It is not just a local favorite, but also international tourists love the vibe of Goa and hence come here from time to time. You can witness various foreign travelers during the Christmas and New Year seasons. Make sure to make advance bookings for your Goa flight tickets, as they get sold out fast. Always check for better offers and discounted flight ticket prices online before confirming the tickets.


    Goa Airport:

    Goa International Airport (GOI). Located in Dabolim, Goa, this state airport provides airline services to over 8 million passengers every year. The airport is easily accessible via public transport. Goa is a lovely place; you can rent a scooter to roam around Goa and explore it deeply. Goa Airport has all the essential services the passengers might need. You will find all the essential stalls and offices, from food joints to ATMs to shopping stops. Day Hotels are available nearby for passengers holding flight tickets or boarding passes for faster and smoother baggage and security check-ins. Manohar International Airport is a new airport in the region. With the airport code GOX, this international airport is about 80 km from central Goa. There are all domestic to international airlines that provide multiple schedules for Goa to Mumbai flights and other cities as well.

    FAQs About GOA to MUMBAI Flights (GOI to BOM Flights):

    Q. What is the cheapest month to book flights from Goa to Mumbai?

    A. July is the best time to book cheap flight tickets from Goa to Mumbai. Book the cheapest return fare for Mumbai to Goa flights. Make advance airline reservations for your low Goa to Mumbai flight price.

    Q. Is a Pre-booking meal option available for my Flight?

    A. Passengers flying on the Goa to Mumbai flight route can pre-book meals for the Goa to Mumbai airline route. For more information, passengers can connect with airline customer service. When you get all the services booked in advance, you can save not just time but also money. Always confirm with your agent whether there is a free meal included or not in your flight ticket from Goa to Mumbai.

    Q. What are the most trusted airlines to travel from Goa to Mumbai?

    A. Some of the best airline services are provided by SpiceJet, Air India, Go Air, and IndiGo, along with other regional airlines for the Goa to Mumbai route.

    Q. What facilities are available at the Mumbai and Goa airports?

    A. On your Goa to Mumbai trip, you can find the following airport services: High security, Currency exchange, lounges, medical services, and other essential services.

    Q. Can I get offers and discounts on flight tickets?

    A. Flightsmojo offers discounted fares for Goa to Mumbai flight ticket bookings. Contact customer care for more deals and offers for your Mumbai flight tickets.

    Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights available?

    A. Nowadays, first and business class flights can be booked easily at low prices with the help of airlines offers and travel agents.

    Q. What is the total distance between Goa and Mumbai?

    A. Goa and Mumbai distance are 440 km by air, and 597 km by road. A direct flight to Mumbai from Goa is much preferred transport to reach the destination early. Layover Goa to Mumbai flights are a great option when you need to travel to other cities in between, for multi-city travel.

    Q. What are the popular airline routes from Goa to Mumbai?

    A. Goa-Mumbai popular flight routes are: Flights to Jodhpur, Kolkata, Dehradun, Coimbatore, Bagdogra and Silchar. Flights from Surat, Nagpur, Lucknow, Srinagar, Raipur, Indore and Amritsar.

    Q. What is the travel duration for direct and connecting flights between Goa and Mumbai?

    A. The minimum time for a nonstop flight on the Goa to Mumbai route is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Connecting flight timing depends on the number of layover stops and routes. The average layover flight will take about 4-7 hours.

    Q. What are the stopover options between Goa to Mumbai?

    A. Select convenient layover airports when planning schedule for flights to and from Mumbai: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Varanasi. If passengers need a stopover in any other city, please contact the customer agent, who will help you find a suitable schedule for your air travel.

    Q. What are the names and codes for Goa and Mumbai airports?

    A. The official Goa Airports are Dabolim Airport (GOI) and Manohar International Airport (GOX). The official Mumbai Airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, with a code of BOM. Goa Airport is 44 km and 35 km (respectively) from central Goa city, while BOM Airport is around 14 km.

    Q. Can I book budget hotels near Mumbai Airport through the internet?

    A. There are enough options for staying in the city, from the famous Taj Hotel to various other affordable options. You can easily find a budget friendly room near the Airport. You can book an Airport hotel during a layover in the city.

    Q. What are the minimum and maximum fares for Goa to Mumbai flight tickets?

    A. If you book now, you can get Goa to Mumbai flights under INR 3500. This fare, for the day, can go up to INR 15500 for all economy classes. If you are looking for a business or first class, the fares will go as high as INR 20000 to INR 50000. If you are fly from Goa to Mumbai with a connecting flight, it might cost a bit cheaper, check prices with your agent.

    Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Goa to Mumbai flight?

    A. You can board your flight from Goa to Mumbai in two ways. The first and easiest way is through web check-in, which you can do on the airline's website or mobile app. The second option, airport check-in, is also convenient, especially for last minute Goa to Mumbai flights. Choose the option that suits you best.

    Q. Can I get the best offers and discounts on Last Minute Mumbai flight tickets?

    A. If you're planning a last minute trip and need to book a flight, take a look at Flightsmojo. They offer fantastic deals from different airlines for last minute flights from Goa to Mumbai. Comparing prices and services is easy, helping you find the best option for your journey.

    Airport information

    GOA Airport information

    Airport : Dabolim Arpt

    IATA Code : GOI

    Address : Dabolim, Goa 403801

    MUMBAI Airport information

    Airport : Chhatrapati Shivaji

    IATA Code : BOM

    Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

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