Kanpur to Hyderabad Flight Booking Info:

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Flights from Kanpur to Hyderabad Route Details


Flights from Kanpur to Hyderabad are operated by various domestic airlines. Akasa Air, IndiGo, Vistara, SpiceJet, and Air India. This ample supply ensures that you have plenty of options to choose from. And our website helps you select the best fares for a Connecting Hyderabad to Goa flights for your better travel flexibility. Most operations on this route are connecting flights to Hyderabad. Nonstop flights to Hyderabad are scarce from Kanpur. 


Airline details for the KNU to HYD air route: The Airlines operating on the KNU to HYD air route are many. Air India, Akasa, Vistara, SpiceJet, and IndiGo are some of the most popular Indian airlines and they all operate on this route. IndiGo provides the most frequent regular flights on this route. If you are looking for a last minute flight to Hyderabad you are most likely to get an IndiGo airline ticket. 


Distance between Kanpur and Hyderabad: Kanpur is separated from Hyderabad by 1242 km and a 24-hour nonstop drive time via highways. This distance and time are brought down massively by flights to Hyderabad. The aerial distance is 1019 km only and can be covered by a connecting flight in less than 5 hours. To save time on your travels, like most other travelers, book your KNU to HYD air tickets now. 


Flight ticket prices and other details: Kanpur to Hyderabad tickets can cost an arm and a leg if not booked in advance and through budget channels. Connecting flights to Hyderabad can cost as much as 12000 INR or more for a one way flight. It is therefore important to book through reliable cheap flight booking channels like Flightsmojo where you can get tickets for as low as 7000 INR. 


Visit Hyderabad:


Hyderabad is the largest, biggest, and most important city and the capital of the state of Telangana in Southern India. It is an IT hub, and people from around the country travel here to pursue careers in IT. The most famous thing about Hyderabad is undoubtedly the Biryani. The city of Nizams and its famous Nizami Hyderabadi biryani have fans around the globe. It is also home to the Kohinoor diamond found in the Golconda hills, which also houses the gorgeous Golconda Fort. The city is also home to over 20 lakes, and the Hussain Sagar even hosts the largest monolithic Buddha statue in the world. Hyderabad offers a unique pull for everyone, and we offer you the right price and schedule to get there. So book your flights to and from Hyderabad now! 


About Kanpur:

Kanpur is an important industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the 12th most populated city in the country and is responsible for an essential textile and leather industry. Over 30% of total Indian Leather products are made in Kanpur. Kanpur is an underrated tourist city as well. There is a whole lot to do in the city that many people are not even aware of. You could spend your days exploring Moti Jheel, J.K. Temple, Brahmavart Ghat, Nana Rao Park, ISKCON Kanpur Temple, Z Square Mall, and Kanpur Zoological Park. The city also has a theme park- Blue World Theme Park. You can also enjoy the North Indian delicacies and delicious street foods in the city. To start your tour of this lively and lovely city, book your flights to and from Kanpur today.

FAQs About KANPUR to HYDERABAD Flights (KNU to HYD Flights):

Q. What are the names and codes for Kanpur and Hyderabad airports?

A. The official name of Kanpur’s airport is Chakeri Airport, and its IATA code is KNU. Hyderabad’s airport is officially called the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Its IATA code is HYD, and it is an International airport.

Q. Can I book a meal for a flight to Hyderabad?

A. SInce The Kanpur to Hyderabad airline route is covered by most major Indian airlines you can get meals onboard your flights. You may not get complimentary meals depending on your booking and therefore it is essential to check the inclusions in your own booking. However, you can buy food or snacks on board even if you do not have a pre-booked meal on many Indian domestic flights.

Q. What facilities are available at the Kanpur and Hyderabad airports?

A. Kanpur Airport has many facilities to convenience travelers including ATMS, medical centers, free wifi, duty free shopping areas and more. Hyderabad International Airport has many of these features along with currency exchange services and a world class lounge that offers refreshments, shower areas, sleeping pods and even massages!

Q. What is the total distance between Kanpur and Hyderabad?

A. The distance separating Hyderabad and Kanpur is 1019 aerial km by air and 1242 terrestrial km by road.

Q. What are the most trusted airlines for traveling from Kanpur to Hyderabad?

A. The most notable domestic airlines regularly flying from Kanpur to Hyderabad are Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Vistara, and Akasa Airlines.

Q. Are there last minute flights available for the Kanpur to Hyderabad route?

A. Hyderabad is a commonly visited spot in India, and finding last minute flights to Hyderabad can be quite tough. However, due to the limited popularity of the KNU to HYD route it is possible to find last minute tickets. These tickets might be costlier than advanced bookings and may have unfavorable layovers.

Q. Are there cheap first and business-class flights available?

A. Generally, First-class and Business class tickets are not standard on most Indian domestic routes. However, you can still find business class tickets to Hyderabad on our platform. To book cheap business class tickets from Kanpur to Hyderabad, book them on our website now.

Q. Can I get offers and discounts on flight tickets?

A. You can get offers and discounts on Hyderabad flight tickets. To get these discounts, book an account on the Flightsmojo website and use the code INSTAMOJO for an additional 33% off.

Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Kanpur to Hyderabad flight?

A. Web check-in is a convenient and valuable tool implemented by airlines to speed up the check-in process and airport lines. To use this tool, open the airline’s webpage you have booked about 48 hours before your flight time. Select the web check-in option and fill in your details. Once you have read the rules and terms, complete the booking and collect your digital boarding pass.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Kanpur to Hyderabad Flights?

A. Most domestic airlines in India have a standard baggage allowance of 15 kg of luggage for check-in and one bag maximum. You can also carry up to 7 kg in your cabin baggage. To read the specific allowance for your booking, visit the official webpage of the airline booked and review the rules during web check-in.

Q. What are the popular airline routes from Kanpur to Hyderabad?

A. Kanpur to Hyderabad popular flight routes are: Flights to and from Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai.

Q. What is the travel duration for direct and connecting flights between Kanpur and Hyderabad?

A. Most flights on the KNU to HYD air route are connecting rather than direct. Connecting flights to Hyderabad from Kanpur can be as short as 5 hours, including layover. However, these flights can be longer than 9 hours as well, so it is important to check all available rates before booking.

Q. What are the stopover options between Kanpur and Hyderabad?

A. As most flights on the Kanpur to Hyderabad air route are connecting there are quite a few layover options to choose from. The most common stopover options on this air route are New Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. In case these options do not suit you, you can book your independent flights.

Q. Can I book budget hotels near Hyderabad Airport through the Internet?

A. Hyderabad is one of the most visited cities in the country, and most travelers fly there rather than travel by land. Due to this, there are a variety of hotels near the airport. From luxury accommodations to budget hotels, you will find many options to book. And most options can be found and booked online.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum fares for Kanpur to Hyderabad flight tickets?

A. As a lower frequency route, flight fares for Kanpur to Hyderabad flights can be quite expensive. However, you can find flights for under 7000 INR if booking on low passenger traffic days and in advance. At the last minute, plane tickets can cost up to 12000 INR just for one way flights to Hyderabad.

Airport information

KANPUR Airport information

Airport : Chakeri Arpt


Address : Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208004

HYDERABAD Airport information

Airport : Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi Intl Arpt


Address : Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409