Cochin to Hyderabad Flight Booking Info:

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Flights from Kochi to Hyderabad Route Details


The most popular city of Telangana, Hyderabad, has such great history and culture. Charminar is the most visited and special landmark in Hyderabad. It was built a very long time ago, in 1591. It's a beautiful place that looks like a mosque with four big arches like big doorways. You can go up to the very top of Charminar, and from there, you can see the whole city from a really high place. This beautiful city has many gems to offer. Make sure you experience them all.


Airline details for COK to HYD air route: Find regularly operated flights on the COK to HYD air route from the various domestic airlines. AirAsia India, Air India, Akasa Air, SpiceJet, and IndiGo are some air carriers that provide frequent airline operations on this flight route.


Distance between Cochin to Hyderabad: The distance from Kochi to Hyderabad is quite far, around 870 kilometers. To get there faster, taking a nonstop flight service is a good idea. If you can't find a direct flight, you can also choose a flight with layovers. 


Flight ticket prices and Other Details: Always check what you are paying for. An airline ticket fare includes various charges. These charges are based on the services you add to your ticket, which increase the total fare price. Consult with your agent and work out the most decent offers for your budget.


Enjoy Exploring Hyderabad


Hyderabad, the main city in Telangana, is a special place where old and new things mix together perfectly. This lively city is famous for its long history, fantastic food, and fast technological progress. The people here in Hyderabad are really nice and welcoming. They like to say "Adab arz hai" to show respect and greet you warmly. Let's explore what makes Hyderabad such a fantastic city.



Hyderabad is becoming a big center for technology and computers. They call it "Cyberabad" because it's a city of computers with brilliant technologies. Many smart people from all over the country come here to work because there are many good job opportunities. Let's explore some culinary parts of this city:



Places to Explore:


Charminar - The Heart Throb of the City: This magnificent and iconic monument with its four arches represents the energy and nature of this city. It's a must-see because no Hyderabad visit is complete without taking a selfie with this heritage.


Qutb Shahi Tombs - Where Royals Rest in Grandeur: These fancy tombs have a really beautiful architecture that mixes Indian and Islamic styles. They're surrounded by calm and peaceful gardens, and when you're there, it feels like history is quietly talking to you.


Ramoji Film City - The Movie Buff's Paradise: If you are into movies, this magnificent film city is like a dream come true for you. You can walk around real movie sets, just like in Bollywood, and there's loads of entertainment to enjoy. It's really a movie lover's paradise!


Hyderabad Airport:


Hyderabad has a big, modern airport called Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It's busy and well-equipped, connecting you to places within India and other countries. It's a major hub for travelers. The Hyderabad airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, is not too far from the city center. It's about 24 kilometers south, and you can easily reach it by road. It's the main airport among the two operating airports in the city. Book Kochi to Hyderabad air tickets after checking prices for both airports.


Places to Visit in Cochin:


Town and Paradesi Synagogue - Timeless Heritage: Check out the lovely Jewish area in Jew Town, where you can see the very old Paradesi Synagogue. You can also go shopping for spices and interesting antique things in this historical place that's still full of life.


Pareekshith Thampuran Museum - A Trove of Treasures: Travel back in time and explore the golden era and antiques in this museum. You'll learn a lot about Kochi's history after a visit.


Bolgatty Palace and Island - A Royal Retreat: You must check out the ancient Bolgatty Palace, which the Dutch made long ago. It's on Bolgatty Island, and it's a great, peaceful, and calm place to enjoy.


Cochin Airport:


Major airports Cochin International Airport, often known as Kochi Airport, serves the Indian state of Kerala's city of Kochi. This airport, which is among the busiest in India, serves a variety of local and international routes. The airport, known for its sleek facilities, serves as a starting point for visitors to see Kerala, a stunning state. Check all the airlines offering services to this airport for convenient air travel.

FAQs About COCHIN to HYDERABAD Flights (COK to HYD Flights):

Q. What are the names and codes for Cochin and Hyderabad airports?


The name of Cochin Airport, also called Cochin International Airport by the locals, and its code is COK. The name of Hyderabad Airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, and its code is HYD.

Q. Can I book my meal for a flight to Hyderabad?

A. Yes, you can pre-book your meal through Flightsmojo for a flight to Hyderabad.

Q. What is the total distance between Cochin and Hyderabad?

A. Cochin to Hyderabad distance is 863 km by air and 1108 km by road.

Q. Can I book budget hotels near Hyderabad Airport through the Internet?

A. Yes, one can book budget hotels near the Hyderabad airport via the Hyderabad Hotels option.

Q. What facilities are available at the Cochin and Hyderabad airports?

A. Better lounges, food courts, ATMs, and faster baggage are available at both the Cochin (COK) and Hyderabad Airport (HYD).

Q. What is the baggage limit for Cochin to Hyderabad flights?

A. Carry baggage and check in baggage have separate limits. Carry baggage does not exceed 7 kg, while check-in luggage varies between 15 kg to 35 kg. The variation in price and limit are based on flights from Cochin to Hyderabad class fare.

Q. Where Can I book cheap flights from Cochin to Hyderabad?

A. With the internet, it has become easier to get faster and convenient flights from Cochin to Hyderabad flight booking. Visit Flightsmojo and get all kinds of ticket information as per your requirements.

Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights to Hyderabad available?

A. Finding low fare business class flights to Hyderabad depends on when you book, the airline, your class choice, and where you start your origin city. Prices can fluctuate, so it's good to search and compare.

Q. Can I get the best offers and discounts on Last Minute Hyderabad flight tickets?

A. Better check with the airline or your agent for a more affordable deal on last minute flights to Hyderabad. The experts will help you find the best of offers and discounted last minute fares.

Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Cochin to Hyderabad flight?

A. In order to check in online, go to the airline online site you reserved your air tickets with. Go to Web Check, enter PNR and required info, and finish the check in process.

Airport information

COCHIN Airport information

Airport : Cochin Internation Arpt


Address : Kochi, Kerala 683116

HYDERABAD Airport information

Airport : Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi Intl Arpt


Address : Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409