Kanpur to Mangalore Flight Booking Info:

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Flights from Kanpur to Mangalore Route Details


The Kanpur to Mangalore air route is not overly populated; hence, there is low vehicle traffic. Many major airlines like Air India, Vistara, Akasa, SpiceJet, and Air India Express do not fly this route. You can fly onboard IndiGo on this route, as IndiGo is the only domestic airline that can fly this route regularly. Moreover, direct flights to Mangalore are scarce, and most flights available are connecting. Furthermore, due to low vehicle traffic, it is recommended that you book in advance and avoid last-minute rushes. There is also a lack of Red Eye flights to Mangalore from Kanpur. Search for KNU to IXE air tickets and get started on your bookings. 


Airline details for the KNU to IXE air route: The notable domestic airlines like Air India Express, Air India, SpiceJet, and Vistara are missing on this route. Due to the lower frequency of passengers on the KNU to IXE flight path it is only flown by IndiGo Airlines. Furthermore, there is a lack of available direct airline services and you can get stopover flights to Mangalore instead. Increasing demand could result in other airlines flying this route as well. 


Distance between Kanpur to Mangalore: The distance between Mangalore and Kanpur by land is 2207 km. When taking a flight to Mangalore, the aerial distance is 1608 km only. This distance is covered by a train in 42 hours or a connecting flight to Mangalore in as little as 5 hours. The average flying time is 7 hours. Kanpur to Mangalore flights are the preferred mode of travel. 


Flight ticket prices and other details: Flights to Mangalore average at about 9000 INR. When you book in advance and on low demand days, you can get ticket fares for as low as 7000 INR. However, when booking last minute tickets to Mangalore or booking in a rush on a peak traffic day prices can soar to 12,000 INR as well. It is important to compare all available rates for which Flightsmojo is the best platform.   


Visit Mangalore:


Mangalore is a major industrial city in Karnataka and the second-largest city in the state. It has recently started becoming a tourist hub due to its proximity to Udupi, a small town where one can drive down a road with a river on one side and a beach on the other. Mangalore is a seaport with a strong blend of Hindu and Catholic cultures. The St. Aloysius Chapel, Sri Venkataramana Temple, Milagres Church, and Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple are all major attractions. And the beaches have incredible sunset views of the Arabian Sea. Book your flights to and from Mangalore now and delve into the city's beautiful culture. 


About Kanpur:

Kanpur is an important city in Uttar Pradesh, India, and an industrial powerhouse with a renowned leather and textile industry. 30% of Leather production in India happens in Kapur. The city has been historically significant due to its strategic position near the Ganga River, allowing a sizable working population to settle and thrive there. When visiting Kanpur you could visit the Kanpur Memorial Church and the JK Temple. The city also has a popular street market culture and many popular North Indian street foods, especially the UP cuisine. So hurry and book your flight to and from Kanpur now.

FAQs About KANPUR to MANGALORE Flights (KNU to IXE Flights):

Q. What are the names and codes for Kanpur and Mangalore airports?

A. The airport's official name in Kanpur is Kanpur Airport, and its IATA code is KNU; it is a domestic airport. The official name of Mangalore Airport is Mangalore International Airport, and its IATA code is IXE.

Q. Can I book a meal for a flight to Mangalore?

A. IndiGo airlines provides airline services on the KNU to IXE air route and do not have complimentary on board meals. However, they provide the option of pre-booking meals or purchasing snacks on board.

Q. What facilities are available at the Kanpur and Mangalore airports?

A. There are several features and facilities at the Kanpur and Mangalore airports. There are food courts, eateries and Lounges to enjoy refreshments at a personal cost. There are also ATM and currency exchange facilities for tourists like most other International Airports.

Q. What is the total distance between Kanpur and Mangalore?

A. The distance separating Kanpur and Mangalore is 1608 km by air and 2207 km by road. Flying is the fastest mode of travel over trains and driving.

Q. What are the most trusted airlines for traveling from Kanpur to Mangalore?

A. The most trusted airline operating on the KNU to IXE airport route is IndiGo Airlines. Air India Express, SpiceJet, Vistara, and other popular names have yet to start flying this route.

Q. Are there last minute flights available for the Kanpur to Mangalore route?

A. To find out information about the first flight and last flight on the KNU-IXE route check Mangalore Flight status. You will find updated timetables on the status. In case you are booking a last minute flight to Mangalore it is best to use our website.

Q. Are there cheap first and business-class flights available?

A. Currently, IndiGo is the only airline flying the Kanpur to Mangalore air route. IndiGo does not provide a business class section on its flights. Therefore, business class tickets to Mangalore on this route are not yet an option. However, increasing demand may lead to the introduction of Business class on this air route.

Q. Can I get offers and discounts on flight tickets?

A. To get deals, offers, and discounts on your airline tickets, use the flightsmojo website to make your flight bookings. We also give an additional 33% off to users who use coupon code INSTAMOJO.

Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Kanpur to Mangalore flight?

A. To confirm web check in for your flight booking, keep your booking details ready, go to the official website of the domestic airline that you have booked and search for the web check in option. Now enter your details, understand all the rules and consent to understanding them and complete the process.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Kanpur to Mangalore Flights?

A. IndiGo is the airline operating this air route. As a standard policy, the airline allows 15 kg and one bag at check-in and 7 kg and one bag in the cabin. However, these rules may differ for the airfares you book, so always read the terms and conditions before booking.

Q. What are the popular airline routes from Kanpur to Mangalore?

A. Kanpur to Mangalore popular flight routes are: Flights to and from Mangalore: New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Q. What is the travel duration for direct and connecting flights between Kanpur and Mangalore?

A. Due to the lower demand of flights on this air route there currently is a lack of non stop flights to Mangalore. However, you can easily find connecting flights on this air route through either Bangalore or New Delhi. Layover flights can be as short as 5 hours long but can also extend to over 15 hours. It is essential to book in advance to get the schedule of your choice.

Q. What are the stopover options between Kanpur and Mangalore?

A. When you book connecting flights from Kanpur to Mangalore you can choose from two common stopovers- New Delhi and Bangalore. If you are interested in other stopovers you can check Mangalore flight status and choose a flight to your convenience.

Q. Can I book budget hotels near Mangalore Airport through the Internet?

A. Mangalore International Airport is a very popular International airport. Due to this popularity, it is also surrounded by hotels. Mangalore is also a popular layover airport, and passengers typically spend less luxurious amounts on layover stays; therefore, many budget hotels are available. To check availability on your travel dates, you can use many sites on the Internet.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum fares for Kanpur to Mangalore flight tickets?

A. The cheapest flight tickets from Kanpur to Mangalore can be found by booking in advance for as low as 7000 INR. However, the same route can cost more than 12,000 INR on high-traffic days. It is therefore recommended to have flexible dates when looking for the cheapest tickets as rates differ by date.

Airport information

KANPUR Airport information

Airport : Chakeri Arpt


Address : Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208004

MANGALORE Airport information

Airport : Bajpe Arpt


Address : Mangaluru, Karnataka 574142