Cheap flights from Coimbatore (CJB) to Trivandrum (TRV):

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About Trivandrum:


Welcome to Trivandrum, a captivating destination nestled along the southwestern coast of India. Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, this vibrant city offers a delightful blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Prepare to be enchanted as you explore the wonders of Trivandrum. Visit best known locations like the majestic Padmanabhaswamy Temple, a well-known Hindu temple recognized for its architectural magnificence and spiritual significance, to fully immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural legacy. Discover the fascinating collection of artwork and artifacts on display at the historic Napier Museum and Art Gallery, which reflects the region's rich past. Plan your visit to Trivandrum and immerse yourself in this coastal gem's unique charm and beauty.


Best Time to Visit Trivandrum:


The most amazing time to be in Trivandrum is during the winter months, from October to February. This period offers pleasant weather with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 32°C. The humidity is relatively low, and you can enjoy comfortable sightseeing and outdoor activities. Trivandrum has a tropical climate all year. However, the monsoon season from June to September delivers considerable rain. While the scenery grows lush and green during this time, outdoor activities may be limited due to the downpours.


Flights from Coimbatore to Trivandrum Connectivity:


A variety of flight choices make traveling from Coimbatore to Trivandrum more easy and affordable. Several airlines offer direct flights between these locations, making travel convenient and time-saving. Many connecting flights are also available for travelers with tight budgets and no time issues. Direct flights from Coimbatore to Trivandrum provide a seamless travel experience with non-stop connectivity. These flights allow you to reach your destination without any layovers or stops, ensuring a convenient and time-efficient journey. The average flight duration for direct flights is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, although it may vary slightly depending on variables like the airline chosen and weather conditions.

FAQs About COIMBATORE to TRIVANDRUM Flights (CJB to TRV Flights):

Q. What are the names and codes for Coimbatore and Trivandrum airports?


The name and code for the airport in Coimbatore is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB), and the name and code for the airport in Trivandrum is Trivandrum International Airport (TRV).

Q. Can I book my meal for a flight to Trivandrum?

A. Yes, all airlines provide exceptional in-flight meal services with tasty food and complimentary beverages. All passengers have the option of pre-booking meals on CJB to TRV flight routes to make their air travel more comfortable.

Q. What facilities are available at the Coimbatore and Trivandrum airports?

A. Take advantage of access to lounges, currency exchange facilities, a variety of dining options, convenient car rental services, helpful kiosks, efficient baggage handling, reliable medical facilities, and robust security measures. These services are designed to enhance your journey and provide you with the utmost convenience and peace of mind throughout your time at the airport.

Q. What is the total distance between Coimbatore and Trivandrum?

A. Coimbatore and Trivandrum distance is 277 km by air and 384 km by road.

Q. What are the most trusted airlines to travel from Coimbatore to Trivandrum?

A. For cost-effective travel from Coimbatore to Trivandrum, consider opting for budget-friendly airlines like Air India, SpiceJet, Vistara, and IndiGo. These airlines offer a range of flight options, including both direct and connecting flights, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to meet your specific travel needs.

Q. Are there last minute flights available for the Coimbatore to Trivandrum route?

A. At FlightsMojo, our team of experienced travel professionals is dedicated to offering you the best possible prices and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Whether you're planning ahead or looking for last minute deals on Trivandrum flights, we strive to provide incredible discounts on last minute flights from Coimbatore to Trivandrum.

Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights available?

A. Discover the potential of accessing cost-effective first and business class flights to Trivandrum by implementing smart tactics. Explore our website for valuable insights and expert advice on acquiring deals and offers for first and business class tickets to Trivandrum, ensuring an elevated and affordable travel experience.

Q. Can I get offers and discounts on flight tickets?

A. To secure the most favorable prices, we highly recommend booking your Coimbatore to Trivandrum plane tickets in advance and keeping your travel dates flexible. Maintaining flexibility in your travel dates allows you to explore various options and seize the best deals available for your journey.

Airport information

COIMBATORE Airport information

Airport : Peelamedu Airport


Address : Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641022

TRIVANDRUM Airport information

Airport : Thiruvananthapuram Arpt


Address : Chacka, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695008