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    Chennai to Ayodhya Flight Booking Info:

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    Flights from Chennai to Ayodhya Route Details


    With the newly built Ram Janmabhoomi Temple becoming the latest addition to the city, a majority of people are looking to visit Ayodhya, which has increased the demand for air tickets, including the cheapest fare to and from Chennai. Everyone wants to see the newly built Ram Mandir, and therefore, it is best to make early Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket reservations to avoid last minute hassles. If you are still looking for an airline ticket, you must check the low cost carriers. Air India, IndiGo, Air India Express, and Akasa Air offer affordable booking on this route. Get there soon and enjoy a wonderful Chennai to Ayodhya trip to Ram Janambhoomi. Chennai to Ayodhya flights are in high demand due to their extremely time-saving nature, which is the fastest way to travel to Ayodhya. You can choose between the plethora of connecting and direct Chennai to Ayodhya flights.


    Airline details for Chennai to Ayodhya flight route: On the popular MAA Airport and AYJ Airport routes, you’ll find known airlines like IndiGo, Air India, Air India Express, SpiceJet, and Vistara providing their services. Consider booking round trip tickets for your return Ayodhya to Chennai flights to enjoy additional discounts on your Chennai to Ayodhya airfare. Explore your options with these reputable airlines for a comfortable and budget-friendly travel experience. You can easily find direct flights from Chennai to Ayodhya with SpiceJet only on this air route. All major domestic airline carriers provide connecting flights to Ayodhya from Chennai. Start comparing all your options before booking to find the lowest Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket price, as advanced booking can save several thousand rupees on your Chennai to Ayodhya flight booking. 


    Distance between Chennai and Ayodhya: The journey from Chennai Airport to Ayodhya Airport covers a distance of 1540 km aerially. This is a significant improvement from the land time and distance. When you drive from Chennai to Ayodhya, you need to travel 1931 km and drive for a continuous 36 hours. Naturally, a flight is the most sensible option and, in some cases, even more economical. You have two choices for when you want to fly from Chennai to Ayodhya: a nonstop flight or a connecting one. Nonstop flights from Chennai to Ayodhya get you to your destination faster, in only 2 hours and 25 minutes, but they might be a bit expensive. On the other hand, connecting flights to Ayodhya provides more flexibility for your budget. Such options allow you to choose an option that suits your preferences and needs. However, their length depends heavily upon a predetermined layover, which can make the Chennai to Ayodhya flight anywhere between 4 hours to 10 hours. Compare all your options and choose wisely before flight booking. 


    Flight ticket price and other details: As of now, SpiceJet and Air India Express have low fares for the Chennai to Ayodhya flight journey, and they offer more convenient services, too. Keep in mind that Chennai to Ayodhya flight prices can change from day to day and also differ between airlines. Get an early booking to avoid extra last-minute charges. Advance booking can get you Chennai to Ayodhya tickets for 6000 INR. These same tickets with similar inclusions can cost as much as 18000 INR depending upon factors such as airline booked, day of the week chosen, time of the flight, inclusions, direct vs connecting, and more. Book your flights to Ayodhya from Chennai with a trusted agent or site for the best rates. 


    Visit Ayodhya:


    Ayodhya, nestled in northern India, holds a special place in Indian mythology as the birth site of Shri Ram. Its most famous attraction is the Ram Janmabhoomi temple, drawing visitors from far and wide. Beyond this iconic landmark, Ayodhya is adorned with architectural gems like Kanak Bhavan and Hanuman Garhi, showcasing unique styles that tell tales of bygone eras. 

    The city truly comes alive during festivals, with Diwali being a particularly vibrant affair, as Ayodhya illuminates with the glow of countless lights and echoes with the sounds of celebration. Along the quiet banks of the Sarayu River, charming ghats offer moments of solace and reflection, adding to Ayodhya’s spiritual appeal.

    Ayodhya’s charm extends beyond its physical beauty; it is steeped in history and spirituality, with every corner resonating with tales of valor and faith. This eternal tale knitted into the structure of Ayodhya allows visitors to fully lose themselves in its rich cultural experience, savoring the peace and spiritual essence that define this ancient city. So, whether you seek architectural marvels, cultural richness, or simply a serene retreat, Ayodhya welcomes its guests with open arms, guaranteeing a memorable trip through the centuries and spirituality. 


    Places to visit in Ayodhya:

    These attractions not only offer glimpses into Ayodhya’s rich religious and cultural heritage but also provide opportunities for spiritual rejuvenation and immersive experiences in Hindu mythology and traditions. To experience it all soon, book your flights to and from Ayodhya today and get the best price for a Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket with Flightsmojo. 


    Best time to Visit Ayodhya:


    For those planning a journey on the Chennai to Ayodhya flight, the optimal time to visit this sacred city is during the comfortable winter months, spanning from October to March. This period offers a delightful blend of mild weather and festive emotions, ideal for exploring Ayodhya’s rich heritage and spiritual significance. The cool temperatures make outdoor adventures to iconic landmarks like the Ram Janmabhoomi temple and Kanak Bhavan truly enjoyable. Additionally, travelers arriving during this time can immerse themselves in the vibrant celebrations of Diwali, adding an extra layer of joy and cultural immersion to their experience. These months are especially popular with tourists from Chennai’s warm climate who may want to experience the North Indian winters. With Chennai to Ayodhya flights readily available, pilgrims and tourists, all can easily access this holy destination and partake in its timeless charm. So, make your Chennai to Ayodhya flight booking, pack your bags, and get on a flight to Ayodhya to discover its mystical charm and historical treasures.


    About Chennai:

    Get ready to enjoy the exciting city of Chennai, located in the heart of southern India. The city offers a lively mix of age-old traditions and modern life that make this destination a must-visit. People love Marina Beach, one of the longest city beaches worldwide, where you can relax and enjoy the sea. Chennai is famous for its classical arts, with the Margazhi festival celebrating music and dance every year. The Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a beautiful place with unique architecture, filled with detailed carvings and a rich history of devotion. Chennai is also a big center for Tamil movies, known as Kollywood. Visit the industry and get a chance to get an insight into how Tamil cinema creates blockbuster hits. The busy markets and delicious South Indian food make Chennai a wonderful place to visit, with a bit of everything for everyone. But what really makes Chennai special is its friendly people, who will welcome you with their arms open and make you feel at home. How about you experience it all yourself? Look for suitable flight deals to and from Chennai for a great Tamil Nadu adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

    FAQs About CHENNAI to AYODHYA Flights (MAA to AYJ Flights):

    Q. What are the names and codes for Chennai and Ayodhya airports?

    A. Chennai International Airport has been given the I.A.T.A code MAA and serves the metropolitan city of Chennai. Meanwhile, the newly inaugurated Maharishi Valmiki International Airport serves Ayodhya, U.P., and its I.A.T.A code is AYJ. Book your Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket now, for convenient air travel.

    Q. Can I book a meal for a flight to Ayodhya?

    A. First, check if your tickets for the Chennai to Ayodhya flight have a free meal option or not. If it is not included, book a chosen meal online during your web check in and enjoy your long journey. Alternatively, you can even purchase meals on board or in the food courts while waiting for your flight. All Chennai to Ayodhya flight bookings are done to ensure maximum support for passengers within their budget.

    Q. What is the baggage carry limit for Chennai to Ayodhya flights?

    A. There are three different baggage policies, for carry on, check in and one for additional items (specific to some airlines only). Check in weight limit changes for varied fares classes from 15-35 kg. The carry on bag limit stays 7-8 kg for all. Also, a few airlines offer to carry one additional item like a laptop bag or similar items. If you carry extra weight you may need to pay a fine at the airport.

    Q. What is the total distance between Chennai and Ayodhya?

    A. The flight distance from Chennai to Ayodhya is 1540 km by air. An alternative route would be by land, which would be about 1960 km by road. A direct flight to Ayodhya can take about 2 hours and 30 minutes; meanwhile, the driving time is continuous 36 hours. Booking a nonstop Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket is the best way to go ahead.

    Q. What are the cheapest airlines to travel from Chennai to Ayodhya?

    A. Now, travelers can smoothly compare and find the lowest airline fares from Air India, IndiGo, Akasa Air, Air India Express, and a few others. When looking for flight deals to and from Ayodhya, flightsmojo is your best bet for securing cheap Chennai to Ayodhya airfares. We even provide a Chennai to Ayodhya flight offer with code INSTAMOJO for 33% off.

    Q. Are there last minute flights available for the Chennai to Ayodhya route?

    A. You can check with the travel agent for any available last minute flights from Chennai to Ayodhya. In case of last minute cancellations, airlines offer such seats at cheaper rates with additional last minute deals to people looking for urgent flights. However, sometimes, Chennai to Ayodhya flight tickets can cost more at the last minute.

    Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights available?

    A. It is a matter of smart booking because luxury airline services are bound to be expensive. You need to compare different airlines and find the cheapest airfares for first class flights to Ayodhya. Credit cards can be used to buy plane tickets and redeem miles points; this will make the tickets more affordable. Business class flights to Ayodhya are cheapest with Air India Express.

    Q. Can I get the best offers and discounts on flight tickets?

    A. The best offers can be availed with a good travel agency, and Flightsmojo can be your flight booking friend here. We will bring you the most suitable choices for your air journey with affordable offers & deals for your Chennai to Ayodhya flight ticket. Always book your Chennai to Ayodhya flight in advance to secure good fares.

    Q. How can I confirm my Web check-in online for the Chennai to Ayodhya flight?

    A. Checking in online is a simple and convenient way to do it using your computer or phone. Just use your booking reference (PNR) and passenger name. Open the airline’s app or website, find the web check-in section, and follow the steps to complete the process. The process can be completed 48 hours before boarding and makes the airport processes much faster for the passenger and the airline.

    Q. Can the flight arrival or departure time change?

    A. Situations like bad weather, technical default, or medical emergencies can occur and are often beyond anyone’s control. If this happens, simply contact the airline and request the next schedule or a refund. Contact your agent for the latest updates on your Chennai to Ayodhya flight status.

    Q. How far in advance can I book a flight from Chennai to Ayodhya?

    A. If you make a Chennai to Ayodhya flight reservation in advance, at least 3 months before your travel date, you can get a better chance of low cost tickets. There are multiple advantages of advance bookings, like better seats, lower prices, and more offers and packages. Furthermore, airlines on this air route reveal their tickets and rates up to 4-5 months in advance. Book now for your winter travel plans!

    Q. What are the stopover options between Chennai and Ayodhya?

    A. Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Tiruchirappalli, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune are layover stops on the Chennai to Ayodhya flight route. Compare all the stopovers and buy airline tickets from Chennai to Ayodhya in considerable time and at different ticket rates. Remember to book in advance so you can choose the shortest and nearest stopover.

    Q. Do I need a passport or visa to fly from Chennai to Ayodhya?

    A. Indian residents traveling on the domestic route on a Chennai to Ayodhya flight do not need a visa or passport. Residents of all other countries must carry the mentioned document with them for identification at all times. Indian citizens only need to carry proof of local identity for their respective Chennai to Ayodhya flights.

    Q. How many flights fly from Chennai to Ayodhya on average per day?

    A. There are more than 15 flights to and from Ayodhya for the Chennai to Ayodhya flight route. To get the best and desired seat, make your reservation in advance and avoid losing the perfect window seat and best offers for big discounts. Book with Flightsmojo for the best deals and make your trip a memorable and stress-free one.

    Q. Can I find flights from Chennai to Ayodhya for under INR 6800 on Flightsmojo?

    A. Many airlines are currently offering fares lower than INR 7000 for flights from Chennai to Ayodhya. And if you book with us today, you can get lower prices using the INSTAMOJO coupon with a 33% instant discount. Booking in advance is the best method of securing cheap flights to Ayodhya.

    Airport information

    CHENNAI Airport information

    Airport : Chennai Arpt

    IATA Code : MAA

    Address : Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027

    AYODHYA Airport information

    Airport : Maharishi Valmiki International Airport

    IATA Code : AYJ

    Address : Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, 224123

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