Ayodhya to Bangalore Flight Booking Info:

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Flights from Ayodhya to Bangalore Route Details


Take a smooth trip from Bangalore with flights to and from Bangalore with airlines like IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India Express, Akasa Air, and Air India. These flights offer flexible options, including one way, round trip, and even same day travel. Explore Bangalore, publicly known as the Silicon Valley of India, with its exciting culture and tech hubs. Always be prepared to check out flight details like the first flight, last flight, and departure times to plan your travel easily. Bangalore welcomes you with a pleasant climate and a buzzing city life. Check out various airlines for comfortable travel and enjoy your journey from Ayodhya to Bengaluru.


Airline details for AYJ to BLR air route: IndiGo and Air India Express providing daily and weekly flying services from AYJ Airport to BLR Airport. These airline services include nonstop and connecting flights. You can also get last minute bookings, in case of available seats or last minute cancellations.


Distance between Ayodhya to Bangalore: A direct flight from Ayodhya to Bangalore route is easy to cover 1610 km distance. Similarly, a layover flight will take over 5-6 hours to cover the same air distance. To avoid future hassle, make advance return ticket booking for Bangalore to Ayodhya flights.


Flight ticket prices and other details: As of now, SpiceJet has the lowest flight fares on the Ayodhya (AYJ) to Bangalore (BLR) route. Make your purchase today with us and avail more discounted rates on your air tickets.


Explore Bangalore: 


Visit Bangalore, a lively city also locally known as Bengaluru. Once a peaceful place during British times, now it’s a tech hub called the Silicon Valley of India. And it is all visible in its architecture, history, and growing economy. It is also a fun tourist city with cool places like Lalbagh Gardens and the incredible Bangalore Palace. People here sure enjoy a mix of traditional and modern life, adding much needed charm to their life and travel. Explore busy markets, savor yummy local food, and enjoy the city’s special culture. It’s a great city where old stories and new things come together, making it a fun place for anyone who wants to see a bit of history and what’s happening now. Also, visit the following places for added Bengaluru thrills:


Visit Ayodhya: 

Discover the wonders of Ayodhya, an ancient sacred city based in Uttar Pradesh, India. The city of Ayodhya offers great spiritual and religious experiences to all its visitors, with many temples and historical places from the Shri Ram period. It is believed that Bhagwan Ram was born here. Hence, a deep and high Hindu belief exists here. Anyone looking to explore the life of Lord Ram must visit the Ram Janambhoomi for a deeper cultural experience. Apart from ancient temples and religious places, there are Sarayu River and other nearest Ghats where you can see and experience the peaceful life of the locals. When in Ayodhya, visit the local markets to buy and experience local arts & crafts and taste the old local recipes. Don’t wait long to experience the city of Satyug, and search for affordable flight deals to and from Ayodhya today!

FAQs About AYODHYA to BANGALORE Flights (AYJ to BLR Flights):

Q. What are the names and codes for Ayodhya and Bangalore airports?


Maharishi Valmiki International Airport (AYJ) is in the city of Ayodhya. Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is in the city of Bangalore.

Q. Can I book my meal for a flight to Bangalore?

A. Yes, an advance booking of meals for your Bangalore flight tickets is easy online. Consult with our agent or directly book with the airline during web check in.

Q. What is the baggage carry limit for Ayodhya to Bangalore flights?

A. When you fly from Ayodhya to Bangalore, airlines have different rules & policies for how much luggage you can take onboard with you. Look at the airline’s rules to know how much you can carry. The standard luggage weight limit is 15-33 kg for check in and 7-8 kg for carry on.

Q. What is the total distance between Ayodhya and Bangalore?

A. Ayodhya to Bangalore distance is 1610 km by air and 1920 km by road.

Q. What are the cheapest airlines to travel from Ayodhya to Bangalore?

A. Always check the major domestic airlines popular for their low cost tickets: SpiceJet, Air India Express, IndiGo, Vistara and Air India.

Q. Are there last minute flights available for the Ayodhya to Bangalore route?

A. You can get the best of cheapest fares for last minute flights from Ayodhya to Bangalore. Make sure to buy your tickets with cheaper airlines to get lowest ticket prices and better last minute deals on your flight booking.

Q. Are there cheap first and Business Class flights available?

A. First class flights to Bangalore can be somewhat expensive and cost you extra than economy class. It is all due to top-notch and complimentary services. To save money, search for airline deals and use loyalty or credit miles to buy tickets for a more affordable luxury travel experience.

Q. Can I get the best offers and discounts on flight tickets?

A. It all depends on the season and airlines, during the high travel season you can easily find many deals & offers for Ayodhya to Bangalore air tickets. For other times, you can book with us using the INSTAMOJO coupon code for big discounts.

Q. How can I confirm my Web check-in online for the Ayodhya to Bangalore flight?

A. Checking in is basically telling the airline you’re ready to board for your trip. You can do it either at the airport or online through web check-in. Just use your PNR & your name to download your boarding pass. Choose the option that’s most convenient for you as It’s an important step before your flight.

Q. Can the flight arrival or departure time change?

A. Yes, there are factors that can affect the arrival and departure of your Ayodhya and Bangalore flight schedules. However, such a situation rarely happens, that’s why you need to check Bangalore Flight Status in advance to avoid any uncomfortable situation.

Q. How far in advance can I book a flight from Ayodhya to Bangalore?

A. Make your booking for air tickets from Ayodhya to Bangalore at least 2-4 months in advance. Online travel booking companies and airlines offer advance booking benefits together. Make advance airline reservations and get your perks today.

Q. What are the stopover options between Ayodhya and Bangalore?

A. New Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Surat are 6 stopovers available for current airline tickets from Ayodhya to Bangalore. You can buy indirect flight tickets with suitable layover stops as per your convenience.

Q. Where Can I book cheap flights from Ayodhya to Bangalore?

A. Flightsmojo can be your reliable platform to buy Bnaglore airline tickets at the lowest fare cost for this route. The best and most suitable airfare options are available on our website, with amazing deals and offers on all bookings.

Q. How many flights fly from Ayodhya to Bangalore on average per day?

A. Pick any suitable flights to and from Bangalore from the 18 available daily flights on the Ayodhya to Bengaluru route. It is now easy to choose one schedule with provided multiple flexible flight schedules.

Q. Can I find flights from Ayodhya to Bangalore for under INR 6000 on Flightsmojo?

A. Almost all online travel agencies are currently offering fares for flights from Ayodhya to Bangalore around INR 6000. Grab yours at the cheapest prices with Flightsmojo using discount coupons and other online deals.

Airport information

AYODHYA Airport information

Airport : Maharishi Valmiki International Airport


Address : Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, 224123

BANGALORE Airport information

Airport : Bengaluru Intl Arpt


Address : Bengaluru, Karnataka 560300