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    SpiceJet, AirAsia, Air India Go Air, Indigo, Vistara, and other airlines have been providing a diverse range of airlines daily. Get all the up to date information regarding Pondicherry flights and more deals & discounts from related airlines. Get more details about Pondicherry flights regarding schedule, distance, extra charges, airfare, and further information.


    About Pondicherry:


    Pondicherry is known for being the French capital of India. Away from the turmoil of metro cities, Pondicherry is the perfect peaceful getaway with beaches and greenery. Pondy, as the locals call the city, is France of the East. Even after the French colonizers left long ago, you can still have a glimpse of French architecture and culture. The Colorful houses, beautiful greens, and clean roads make a weekend spent in Pondicherry worth it. Have a fun trip to Pondy; book a cheap round trip to Pondicherry now.


    Places to Visit in Pondicherry:


    Places to explore in Pondicherry; Beautiful Paradise beach, try Scuba Diving in Pondy, visit the ruins of Arikamedu, funky cafes of Pondicherry, enjoy Chunnambar Boat House, Pondicherry Botanical Garden, the famous Pondicherry Lighthouse, the beautiful temple of Sri Manakula Vinayagar, and French War Memorial. Explore and find more Pondy beauties on your trip.


    Best Time to Visit Pondicherry:


    Pondicherry is based on the east coast of Tamil Nadu state, making its summers hotter and more humid. So, summer might be the best choice to be in Pondicherry. Rather, visit the small town during winter. The months from October to February are perfect for visiting Pondicherry. The temperature goes between 15-30°C, which is ideal for exploring the beautiful gems of the city. Tourists can also visit during the monsoon season, July to September if you don’t mind a slightly humid Puducherry climate. Book a cheap airline Pondicherry ticket after considering the city’s weather.


    About Pondicherry Airport:


    Pondicherry Airport (PNY) is also known as Puducherry Airport in the city, based about 8 km from the international community of Auroville. The airport only works with one terminal, Domestic flights only. Tourists can reach the airport by taking a means of public transport, bus, taxi, or auto, and all are available at your end to serve you with the best services.

    FAQs About Flights From PONDICHERRY

    Q. What is the Cheapest month to Book a Pondicherry airline ticket?

    A. The cheapest month to get Pondicherry airline tickets is in february.

    Q. What is the easiest and fastest way to reach Pondicherry Airport?

    A. Public transport is the best way to reach Pondicherry Airport (PNY). Bus, cab, and other local transport are ideal for traveling to the airport from the central city of Puducherry.

    Q. Average duration of Flights to Pondicherry?

    A. Flight duration to Pondicherry from the popular destinations: Bangalore to Pondicherry: 00 Hr 55 Min, Hyderabad to Pondicherry: 01 Hr 40 Min, New Delhi to Pondicherry: 03 Hrs 40 Min, Mumbai to Pondicherry: 04 Hrs 45 Min

    Q. What are some top airlines flying to Pondicherry?

    A. Direct flights are provided by primary airlines, including IndiGo, Vistara, Alliance Air, AirAsia, Air India, and Go Air. Layover flights are also available for passengers looking for cheaper airfare flights to Pondicherry.

    Q. Are there hotels available near Pondicherry Airport?

    A. Pondicherry Airport (PNY) is a domestic airport with only one terminal. However, tourists can still find affordable accommodation options near the Puducherry airport.

    Q. How does Flightsmojo find the cheapest airline tickets to Pondicherry?

    A. Flightsmojo collects information related to all Pondicherry flights. Tourists can compare and get the most suitable flights to Pondicherry.

    Q. Can I get deals & discounts on Pondicherry air tickets?

    A. Flightsmojo offers better deals & discounts on all domestic Pondicherry flight bookings to our customers. You can contact our customer service for any assistance in booking Pondicherry air tickets and to get details about other airline deals.

    Q. Can I book my Pondicherry flight tickets online?

    A. Of course, online platforms like Flightsmojo offer cheaper fares for airline tickets to Pondicherry. Online ticket bookings offer flexibility in terms of schedules and expenses. You can search for your desired times and dates, compare, and book according to your requirements.

    Q. How much checked baggage is allowed on flights to Pondicherry?

    A. All domestic airlines have a limited carry on and check in baggage policy due to budget airline services. They usually offer a 15-30 kg of weight limit for check in. However, on some routes, you might not get a free luggage allowance. Always check with your agent before confirming a Pondicherry plane ticket.

    Q. How many direct flights are available on the Pondicherry route?

    A. You can find daily flights to and from Pondicherry with a small number of flights under 10 daily. In case of unavailability, you can get a ticket to a nearby airport like Chennai Airport.

    Q. What are the stopover options between Pondicherry?

    A. Following flights to and from Pondicherry will provide much needed schedule flexibility and options to compare: Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore, and Jaipur are the major stopovers for PNY airline routes.

    Q. How can I confirm Web check-in online for the Pondicherry flight?

    A. If you are in a hurry, then you must use the web check in services, as it is the easiest and fastest way to grab a Pondicherry flight boarding pass. You can do it on the go on the internet via a website or app version. Just keep the passenger name and PNR ready to fill in the required boxes.

    Q. How many direct flights are available on the Pondicherry route?

    A. There are 7 direct flights to and from Pondicherry. You can find more alternatives by connecting Puducherry flights. Make easy comparisons, keeping schedules and airline fares in mind, and buy plane tickets accordingly.

    Q. What is the travel duration for direct and connecting flights between Pondicherry and major cities?

    A. Timings and durations for Pondicherry airline services depend on the route you are traveling on. Delhi to Pondicherry direct flights take around 2-2.5 hours, and the same route can take up to 15-17 hours with layover stops. So, it is better to check the duration schedule beforehand and then confirm the tickets.

    Q. Can I cancel my Pondicherry tickets at the last minute?

    A. Yes, you can cancel your Pondicherry plane tickets at any time you would like. However, you might not get a refund if you cancel it at the last moment, as not all airlines have a refund policy for last minute cancellations.

    Airport information

    PONDICHERRY Airport information

    Airport : Pondicherry Airport

    IATA Code : PNY

    Address : Lawspet, Puducherry, 605008